What is Friction Trimming

Friction is the key function to the Trimbag system. For the device to work efficiently, the product must be dry and the humidity in the environment low. Ideally the dried flower will retain some moisture and the outer leaves will separate easily when gently rubbed. Over dried product will require fewer motions, adjust accordingly. Be careful not to overwork product. Friction comes from multiple sources in the Trimbag during the motions. During the Lifting Motion, the product is mostly getting friction from tumbling, rolling and rotating against itself and the main chamber. During the Spinning Motion the body of the Trimbag is quickly reversed, the product is sent one direction and the housing is moving the opposite direction. This creates a cross-frictional trim that quickly removes leaf. Every strain is unique. Periodically check the product during these motions. Test a batch to determine the appropriate number of motions for your product. The Sifting Motion of shaking and bouncing creates friction against the sides and screen. The dual chamber design allows leaf to be poured neatly out of the bottom chamber and initial product to be poured from the top chamber using the unzipped end-cap. Each part of the Motion Series is designed for speed, efficiency and cleanliness.