Trimbag Location

2485 Notre Dame Blvd
Chico, Ca 95928

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  • Leif Westrheim

    Hi is there anywhere I can get the trim bag from in Australia locally, so I don’t have to pay fricken high posting? Or I would love one of those bench debuders that you attach to your bench and pull the steams through can you give me a price for one of those please?? Or tell me were I can buy one from and what it’s real name is (bench debuder)
    Kind regards
    Leif Westrheim

    • Kenneth Strawn

      It looks like the closest dealers we have to you are in Switzerland, but we can ship you one if you would like. If you check out on we can offer you free shipping since there is no dealer in your area.
      feel free to call us if you have any questions +15304874815


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