Prepping My Buds For My New Trimbag

A friend of mine dropped in to check out my new Trimbag in action.

The first thing he said when he saw it was, “It’s pretty small.”

I told him, “Dude, what are you talking about? It can easily trim 2 pounds of prepped buds in one load.” I asked him if he’d watched the videos on the Trimbag site.

“Yeah, of course I did. But my individual plants don’t yield 2 pounds worth of Bud so I was thinking I could just do one plant at a time, but my plants wouldn’t fit into that little bag…”

“Dude!” I was almost yelling at my Knuckle Head friend, but I couldn’t help myself. “Of course you can’t put a whole plant into a Trimbag! You gotta PREP it first. You gotta take the Buds off first!”

“I saw all the videos. I know that. But I wanted to save even more time.”

“With this Trimbag, you’ll save all the time you need. Just watch…”

After I took him through the steps he finally understood, but I thought I should write this little blog so everyone is straight on what it takes right from the get go. And it doesn’t take long!

Some guys like to cut a whole plant down and hang it to let it dry before they prep the Buds.

I do it a different way. I think my way is faster because when you start clipping all the Buds off the plant when its dry, its a lot more difficult to snip or snap the Buds when the stems are dry and tough. Thus more time-consuming.

I’ll prep my Buds right off the plant when its still emerald green fresh in the bucket standing up and ready to harvest. When the plant is green and juicy, snipping off the Buds takes hardly any time at all.

You can start from the bottom or work from the top down.

Whatever feels more comfortable. For me, I like to start with the top cola and work my way down, circling around the plant as I go.

What’s important is cutting the Buds off without taking all the extra stem. I just grab the stem at the base of each Bud with my index finger and thumb. This way I only consistently take a stem at the base of the Bud that is no longer than an inch—as long as my thumb is wide.

You can even put whole side stems of dried Bud for trimming if you’re in a rush and your new Trimbag will rise to the occasion splendidly!

I throw each snipped Bud, leaves and all onto a screen table to let the leaves dry out. And this is what, “Prepping the Buds” means.

For smaller loads, I even like to use my new Swagger Bagger as a drying table. I’ll just put my Buds, leaves and all, into the tray of my Swagger Bagger as I snip them off the plant and let then dry out on the nice stainless steel screen in the tray. The tray is elevated off my main work table with a couple of short 2X4’s to create good air-flow so my Buds can dry fast without collecting mould.

Even my tallest Sativa strain plants loaded with Bud only take 5 minutes max each to prep. Once the leaves are dried out thoroughly and you can break a bottom one inch stem with a “test” snap, you’re ready to throw them into your Trimbag. Even though the leaves and little stems are dry, I’m still leaving each Bud moist and solid.

From my screen table a prepped 2 pound load of Bud goes directly into my Trimbag, and that my friend, is all there is to a prep!

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