MOJO Trimbag Maintenance

The main reason I got a Trimbag was that I’m big on simplicity in design.

My Trimbag turns a boring, even complex time-consuming manual job with scissors into a breeze. Trimbag has its competitors, but they’re very expensive, very complicated contraptions and I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them. Break-down city!

When it comes to simplicity in design, the creators of Trimbag knocked the ball out of the park with this Baby! Its the fastest, most efficient trimmer I’ve ever used and it’s not even a “machine”. But the fact that the Trimbag is so simple and fast to use, completely overshadows one other amazing thing about it that even the makers seemed to have over-looked: my Trimbag is a trouble-free dream to maintain.

The only “moving parts” on a Trimbag are its zippers.

They’re Heavy-Duty quality zippers like the kind you find in army gear. One look at them, and you know right away they’re going to last a lifetime. But anything, if you want to keep it running right, has got to be maintained.

Maintaining my Trimbag is easy.

With a Trimbag, you’re dealing with a lot of dry plant matter that, if you don’t do a quick clean-up, could easily build up and eventually jam a normal zipper after you use it. But the Trimbag’s zippers are not normal. They’re extra-large, quality “silent-running” zippers. A build-up of dry plant matter is highly unlikely to ever happen.

And this is exactly why my Trimbag is so easy to maintain. After each use, all I have to do is brush my hand over the zippers once, give ‘em a tap and one “Birthday Cake Candle” blow-out, and they’re good to go for the next round.

But if you really want to go “MOJO” on maintaining your Trimbag, here’s a couple of tips that’ll come in handy.

I like to have my powerful little cordless vacuum nearby after I’m done using my Trimbag for the day. This way I don’t even have to do any tapping, sweeping or blowing: just one run over with my vacuum totally cleans out the zippers.

I have a lot of Buds to trim and I’ve had my Trimbag for a few months now and it still works and looks like its brand-new. To keep it like brand new, once every month after I’ve given it a quick run-over with my Vac, I spray the zippers with a light mist of hemp oil.

After misting them, I give ‘em a quick once-over with a clean rag. This way, I dry off the zippers, but because I use hemp oil, its special properties allow the zippers to remain “dry lubricated”. Doing this puts a gentle static charge on the zippers and they actually repel dust and fine plant matter particles.

Try out these two MOJO maintenance tips, and you’ll never go wrong.

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