My Amazing Swagger Bagger

When my Swagger Bagger arrived I was thankful I’d ordered it at the same time as my Trimbag. And it got here just as fast as the guys at Trimbag promised.

My new crop was dried, and ready to be trimmed and processed. When I tried out my new Trimbag for the trimming, it blew me away, so I was eager to test my new Swagger Bagger to see if it worked just as good. Also, I thought it would be fun to compare my new Swagger Bagger to the awkward contraption I’d rigged up myself for bagging my stash. By better I mean, faster and easier.

I own a very little, soon to be legal, Dispensary where I sell my own product so time is money and money loves speed!

I’m embarrassed to tell you what I’d rigged up for my bagging jobs in the past, because my new Swagger Bagger works so much easier and faster, I was ready to kick myself for not getting one sooner.

It cut the bagging job down to a fraction of the time. That’s why I call it, “AMAZING”!

I’ll show you the numbers in a minute.

I’d also ordered the turkey bags with my Swagger Bagger so I was all set to go. The beginning step was taking it out of the box. It comes in 3 pieces and each piece is carefully wrapped and

1. High-quality plastic Lid
2. High-quality plastic Base with pre-assembled strap and stainless steel screen
3. Hardware pack containing 6 machined screws and 6 nylock nuts

The two main pieces of the Swagger Bagger, the Lid and Base fit together perfectly so all I had to do was make them one solid unit by screwing them together. There are six holes pre-drilled in the Lid and the Base.

Once I fit the Lid and Base together, I just lined up the holes and screwed them down. The six screws are machined so well, they bite into the plastic forming the holes so the two pieces felt like one unit even before I tightened on the nylock nuts…but when I did, my Swagger Bagger was solid and ready to rock!

It looked indestructible and later proved to be so with normal handling. Our processing room is on the second floor and I was temped to test it out and “accidentally” bump it off a ledge so it would hit the concrete first floor below, to see what would happen.

My “common sense” however told me this would be a little “dumb-ass” extreme, nowhere near “normal handling” and pushing my luck. So we brought it upstairs to start bagging our Buds.

We put it on the work table with our trimmed Buds and turkey bags. But just as we were ready to start bagging my assistant accidentally DID bump it off the table. Our table stands 4ft above the hardwood floor. My new Swagger Bagger just bounced on floor without a crack, or even a scratch to be had!

The screen didn’t even pop out and our Swagger Bagger worked and looked just like new.

Even though the Swagger Bagger comes with easy-to-understand illustrated photo assembly instructions, I didn’t need them because it was so well engineered that I could assemble it intuitively without a hitch just by looking first where the pieces fit together.

The Velcro strap to hold the Turkey Bag onto the funnel is already attached so I would never have to worry about losing it.

The one-time job of un-boxing and putting my new Swagger Bagger together went so smoothly, I was up and running in ten minutes.

I didn’t need my assistant’s help but I kept her to watch, listen and learn as her first and last training session. She did the next batch all by herself in under 2 minutes!

Even though our new Trimbag does an excellent trimming job on the Buds, the .25 inch stainless steel screen in the Swagger Bagger filters out any remaining shake and sugar leaf particles out the bottom as we sorted perfectly clean “Trimbag-ed” Buds before pouring them into the bag.

Once the Buds were sorted and I attached a Turkey Bag onto the funnel with the handy Velcro strap, I poured half of the 2 pound test load into the tray. With a gentle tip of the tray at about a 35 degree angle off the table, the Buds easily poured through the Swagger Bagger funnel into the bag. The second pound went into the second bag just as easy, and that was it.

I did my first whole 2 pound bagging job in under 2 minutes with my new Swagger Bagger and there’s no looking back!

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  • The Bush Administration

    Its a reolution in 40 revolutions!

    Nice one Brandon!

    I’m getting one!

    And all you would need is just the debudder to get it started, i guess… is it worth getting a trimdaddy to take off the shade leaves whilst they hang drying?? & then i guess the idea is to vacume seal/release the oven bag for curing, si?

    Bravo! I wish i was just starting now pmsl


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