Unzip The Future Of Dry Trimming…Is Right!

The whole idea that I could trim my buds easy, fast and without a bunch of complicated over-priced complex “technology” just waiting to break down is what perked my interest in the Trimbag.

It was the zippers however, that at first held me back from instantly buying one. But after going over the Trimbag site for a couple of minutes, I understood that it was ironically, the simple technology of the zippers that were at the bottom of the “magic” to why the Trimbag worked so well. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one and try it out for myself.

The Trimbag guys made the on-line ordering steps stress free. And just like they promised, I got my Trimbag quick—in ONE week—even though I’m on the other side of the country in Canada.

After it arrived, here’s what I was pleasantly surprised to discover:

The zippers on the Trimbag are not like the flimsy ones you see in your jeans or sport jacket, but are extra-large “Heavy-Duty” smooth running zippers that you would expect to find in high-quality camping gear.

Besides my own body, the zippers were the only moving part of the whole ingenious design!

I was worried that the trimmed dry plant matter would end up jamming in the zippers but this couldn’t have been the furthest thing from the truth.

In reality, the zippers made the Trimbag easy to use and the whole trimming process simple and quick. After my first try, the end result was perfectly manicured Buds of Dispenser quality with all the trichomes and crystals still attached.

The actual trimming is done by the inner abrasive material in the fabric of the Trimbag itself. Its abrasive enough to trim my Buds to perfection, but gentle enough to keep the trichomes, crystals and resin on the Buds where they belong! The screen system inside the middle of the bag separates the Buds from the shake.

My subsequent trimming jobs just made the whole quick process easier every time.

Here’s all I had to do to trim 2lbs. of my premium Purple Kush Bud in one, 10 minute crack:

The Trimbag is designed in the shape of a drum. Its made of high-quality synthetic fabric so all I had to do to get things rolling was remove it from its convenient carrying case. Once out, it sprang to full size with the action of a spring coil sewn into the fabric.

The carrying case itself is a cool idea: its just as easy to unpack it as it is to pack it!
This is convenient for “freelance trimmers” or growers with multiple grows who are on the go.

I could tell which side was “UP” by the Trimbag logo on the side. I opened the main top zipper and poured in my untrimmed 2lbs load. Zipped my Trimbag back up and began the tumbling.

There’s two types of tumbling I had to do that took only a couple of minutes each.

For the first tumble I just had to grab the two handles on the top and bottom rims of the bag, one with each hand, and stood up straight.

To begin my first tumble, I kept my arms at my side, my elbows bent loosely at a 90 degree angle and with a flick of my wrists and pulling back my elbows slightly, I caused the bag to swing up and over and back down again to get a momentum going for 20 times.

For the second tumble I grabbed two other handles: each one was centred on the base and top of the bag. I stood straight up and steady again and just had to rotate my wrists up and down. This caused a completely different type of tumble, rolling the bag like the wheels turning back and forth on my skateboard and repeated that tumbling motion for another 20 turns.

There’s a funnel shaped pouch at the bottom of the bag. It’s held out of the way when not in use by strong magnets. I just folded that out and undid the zipper to release the shake into my Bubble bags, zipped my Trimbag back up again and folded back the pouch which the magnets kept squared away.

On the top of the bag there’s another funnel shaped pouch which I first unzipped. The top funnel is also held out of the way when not in use by the same strong magnets. To pour the finished product of Bud out, all I needed to do was turn the bag over and let the Buds pour out into a receiving cool container I ordered with my new Trimbag called, “Swagger Bagger”. And that was it!

My end product was Dispenser-quality Bud. I broke off the odd stray stems and the Buds were ready to bag and store.

The heavy-duty zippers on each of the funnel pouches worked like a charm. The reason they didn’t clog and jam with shake material was because the zippers are large enough and of high-quality construction, that with a simple sweep and tap of my hand, any shake just fell out.

And what a joy it was to turn all that shake into wicked Bubble Hash, but I’ll save that for another blog post!

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